In the 15th century, the paper making technique arrived at Grandrif. A paper mill was built near Le Grand Barot . But a paper mill needs a lot of water to make paper and provide power to the machines. It quickly became apparent that the stream's flow was insufficient. It was thus that the owner of the paper mill went up to the Col des Pradeaux and diverted a stream which fed the River Ance in St. Antheme to augment the quantity of water flowing past his mill.
You will not be surprised to learn that this action aroused the anger of the residents of Ance. The Seigneur de la Roue went to Col des Pradeaux with some men and restored the original course of the stream.

The owner of the paper mill decided to take the case to Paris. What chances did he have against the mighty Seigneur de la Roue you could reasonably ask yourself.

In the 17th century, window glass was very expensive. But, if you have ever spilled fat on a piece of paper, you have observed that the paper becomes transparent. Well, at that time, paper covered with tallow was highly appreciated in Paris where it was used for windows. It was a matter that concerned Paris and the Parisians, and even King Louis XIV since he perceived a need to manufacture this paper. Guess where the best window paper came from. Exactly! Thus, in 1678, the Seigneur de la Roue lost his appeal against the producer of this essential article. Since then, the deviated stream continues to flow to Grandrif. Although, as the picture shows, not in full.