There are two large Pelton type double turbines and a small single turbine with a total power of about 5000kw. At the time of our visit, one of the two larger generators had been disassembled for maintenance

The first electricity was distributed in the village in 1925 thanks to the benevolence of the "sawmill" Roussel. The remains of the generator can still be seen in the house the ownership of which remains in the family

In 1970 the power plant was automated, resulting in the installation of modern remote control. The work rendered obsolete, but not the removal of this magnificent battery of switches and dials set in a marble panel.

The power station began producing electricity in 1934 using a temporary river dam, but reached full capacity when the flow provided by the dam above Les Pradeaux dam became available in 1940

The lake from the discharge of the power station provides water in a pipeline for this much smaller plant on the road down to Chadernolle equipped with a single 800kw Francis generator.