Further analyses were undertaken by an array of eminent scientists concluding that the water from the Jarpe was of the highest quality and outstanding as a curative for intestinal ailments.

The commercial exploitation of the water was initiate by the son of the Colonel de Patural. He obtained permission to market the water at the beginning of 1854. He engaged the services of a notary from St. Antheme;, M Chenéreilles, who, in turn took on a partner, M.Assada from Lyon. Sales of water in glass bottles started in 1855. Two structures were built. The first was for actual capture of the water, the second in which the water was bottled. The glass bottles with screw caps to contain the gaseous pressure were widely distributed even reaching North Africa

The house occupied by the owners of the site, now in ruins, was often the scene of festive gatherings

The suicide of Mr. Chenérelles in 1863, only 8 years after the start of trading and the death of Mr. Assada marked the beginning of a steady decline in the fortunes of the enterprise. The heirs soon sold the source of the mineral water and sales declined as the structures gradually fell into disrepair

Work by Les Amis de Grandrif in 2018 revealed the source of the water and the delivery pipe The old bottle label was replicated.

From the above document published in 1854 we read :

This mineral water was barely known before 1836; until then it had been the exclusive heritage of a few sick people from the township and the Forez, who came to drink at the source and some connoisseurs for whom it was religiously contained in bottles

Colonel de Patural, from Poitiers, was then the land owner. Every year he had some crates for his personal use. It was at his table that Dr. Carré was able to appreciate the water for the first time.

Marvelled at its pleasant taste, Dr. Carré subjected the water to precise and detailed analyses. He found especially in the water "
the presence of the huge proportion of carbonic acid gas; He also concluded not only from the results of his analyses but also from 'table memories"…. "We believe we can consider, Grandrif's water as being refreshing an aperitif, a diuretic, successfully used in cases of debility of the stomach, to facilitate digestion etc.."
When I was taken to see the site in 2012 by Maurice Labary the source was just visible. Since then Les Amis de Grandrif have initiated a project to restore the site as a tourist attraction and to sell the product.